About us

Turcuás is an international company founded in 2011. Our headquarters is in the south of Germany and the production takes place in little villages in Costa Rica.



We are specialized in the design and the manufacture of high quality jewelry, which is handmade of semiprecious stones, perfectly shaped high quality glass, sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver.


Our production sites in Costa Rica are located in marginalized regions where we offer a reliable and fair income.


Our goal is not only to offer you unique jewelry, but also to let you participate in the personal and professional development of employees in the country of production.


“It is a dream come true. I always wanted to have an income and work from home to support my family without neglecting it. This job has brought me great financial and psychological benefits.” Marjorie


“I enjoy working very much and I like to see the beautiful jewelry pieces that we are able to make.” Juan José


“I feel very happy with this job. I can make the jewelry at home, take care of my family and financially support my two children through their studies.” Cristina

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